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Resetting Bindings on Skis

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Hello, I have just been loaned, with the intention of buying a set of 176 Salamon Equipe 3v SL skis with 914 bindings. I have been hiring premium slalom skis for a few seasons and not found anything I like as much as these, so am happy to go the second hand route.

My boots are longer than the person I am taking them off so I have to have the bindings adjusted on the ski. I am going to take it to a pro to do, but interested in how they do it. It doesnt appear there is enough adjustment given where the base plate is situated, so wondered what is involved.

I am going on this Saturday, so will be getting it done in Resort (Zell Am See) so any recommendations as to suitable shop would be well received.
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BTW, just wanted to say how good this forum is. I have been searching for weeks for info on all sorts of ski related things and have found this to be excellent. I am like a kid at Christmas at the moment, 2 days left and so excited I'm hardly sleeping. Pity I'm a 34 year old father......
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It depends what plate is on the ski but basically, they'll unscrew the bindings, move to proper spacing then rescrew. They'll also adjust the DIN settings and torque test
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