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Light Parker jacket?

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I am thinking of buying a new ski jacket. Went to the store yesterday and try on a Light Parker jacket (Goretex). Very comfy but seems to be too thin to be able to protect sub zero temp. Should I go for a regular (non-light) goretex jacket with thick layer or go for this light jacket. BTW what exactly is a "Parker"? Is it a material? I will use the jacket primary for skiing purpose.
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Newbie- I have never heard of Light Parker- is it a brand? I can tell you my philosophy about clothing for skiing (and mountaineering, too), for whatever it is worth.

I believe strongly that multiple layers is the way to go- no single heavy jacket, but rather several layers of insulation and outer weather protection. The versatility of a clothing "system" like this allows for easy changes when the weather changes, and comfort in the spring and winter, sun and snow. My outer layer is Gortex xcr (the new more breathable version of goretex) with no insulation whatsoever. I use it when it's snowing or windy, and may dispense with it in spring conditions. It has lots of venting, too, so I have not had any problem with excessive interior humidity when I'm really active. In climates where you don't need real imperviousness to all elements (I bought mine for summer mountaineering use, too) the new "softshell" garments give more breathability, but are still repellent enough to shed snow, especially if it is dry snow like here in the intermountain west- look for Scholler Dryskin fabrics. Many of the goretex competitors are good, too- I used to have a Triple Point Ceramic jacket from Lowe Alpine that was great, and Marmot Membrane is supposed to be really good as well.

For warmth you add layers of fleece (or down when it is really, really cold) underneath- it breaths well, dries in no time and wicks moisture like crazy. There are a zillion choices for different kinds. I would think about the goretex (or whatever oether fabric) shell as the outer layer of protection from wind, snow, rain, etc, and let the fleece layers provide the warmth. BY the way, I use the same thing on my lower body- thin fleece pants with goretex shell pants, rather than insulated ski pants.
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ditto. I couldn't have said it any better. I dress inside out, but buy outside in. Just an extra note: purchase a shell with enough extra room inside for all those layers. Dressing in layers with modern fabrics, was one of the best things to happen to sport, winter, outer, inner wear. And remember cotton kills!!

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Originally posted by dp:
Newbie- I have never heard of Light Parker- is it a brand?
Actually, it's North Face light parkar gore tex...something like that. The guy at local store said that it was leftover from last year.
thank you
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my guess is that it is probably the North Face Mountain Light PARKA (you probably misheard him). That is an excellent shell, one of TNF's most versatile shell garments. I picked one up for my wife on sale this fall for about $175.00 (list is about $375). Highly recommended. It has core vents (zippers that you can open that are kind of on the front towards the sides) for ventilation rather than zips under the arms. Last years and this years are made from Goretex XCR, more breathable but just as waterproof as regular goretex. Northface has an unconditional warranty- they will repair anything forever (I've used it on my very old TNF down parka, and they mean it!) If it is less than $200, I would go for it.

Next step is to look for some fleece. I personally like a layer of Powerstretch (a 100weight stretchy fleece) over my base layer, and then something like 100 wt fleece over that if it is cold (200 weight if it is really cold). Good places to look for stuff for cheap on the web- REI outlet , Mountain Gear , Sierra Trading Post
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Originally posted by dp:
Good places to look for stuff for cheap on the web- REI outlet , Mountain Gear , Sierra Trading Post
Thanks. Glad I didn't buy it from the local store. The guy was going to sell it to me for $250. Just check out Sierra Trading post and they are selling at for $199!!! Wow. It's also goretex XCR as well!
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