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I'm coach a bunch of season-long kids groups at my home mountain. Sometimes I advise parents and kids on equipment. Kids are in the 7-12 range mostly.

So that I become more knowledgeable about doing this, I wanted to ask how the pros adjust their fitting procedure for kids.

Here's what I would normally do--
  1. Pull the liner out of the boot.
  2. Put the kids foot in just the liner.
  3. Feel the toe area of the liner and see where the toes are and if they are all jammed up in the front of the liner.
  4. If they are really really tight in the liner, at this point I'd consider the boot too tight.
  5. Next I'd shell fit. This is the part I don't know if you'd adjust the dimensions for kids. Is it worth the complexity of doing this for kids anyway?
  6. Take the footbed out of the liner and put it in the shell without the liner.
  7. Have the kid put the shell-only boot and bring toes till they just touch the front of the boot.
  8. Examine amount of length between heel and back of shell.
  9. Now this is where I don't know if the dimensions are different for kids. For adults, I would consider 1/2"=high performance; 5/8" = normal; 3/4" starting to sacrifice performance for comfort.

I suppose with kids, because of growth, it might be better to err on the large size for new boots (but for existing boots not consider it too small until it's really too small).

Tips and suggestions?