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Fortunately, Ephedra is now illegal. However, it won't be long before someone comes up with some other "natural" product, designed to help you lose weight and gain energy. Unfortunately, it might be your trusted personal trainer who suggests these products. Before you but into the hype, check out this article about Ephedra and St. John's Wort.
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You lost me in the jump from ephedra to autoimmunity.

If you get a chance to post more about the thought connection, I would appreciate it.
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You are seeing one of the symptoms of the condition: illogical thought juxtaposition.

Let me try to explain. Both ephedra and autoimmune disease may possibly be causes of PH. Both ephedra use, and in some but not all cases, autoimmune disease are the result of an obsessive, unhealthy attitude about thinness.
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From everything I read about training when i was recovering from a leg injury a number of years back I would conclude that--

Although many people would like to have the body of an underwear model, 99% of people do not have the natural body chemistry to be that lean and still be fit.

If any of these 99% try by any means, be it excessive training, dieting, dietary supplements, and/or pharmaceuticals, they are only going to make themselves sick and miserable.

For many/most people there's nothing wrong with just a tad of visible subcutaneous fat. You're likely healthier that way, especially over 30.

Of course the other side of the coin is that 99% of people don't have body chemistry that dictates that they must go through life as corpulent blobs but many do because of improper diet and activity levels thus also making themselves sick and miserable.

So, make healthy choices and be happy ... oh ... and ski a lot.
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