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FWIW, I have had great experience with Tyrolias, and they are my preferred binding.  They offer reliable retention under borderline situations, and let go when they need to.  I've personally experienced the diagonal heel keeping me in the binding in a situation that probably would have chucked me out sideways on bindings that did not accommodate lateral heel slop.  I also recall hearing several of the shop pros here mentioning that they consistently test to the proper release values for a given "dial" setting. 


The Tyrolias are great bindings. I have also expereinced the diagnal heal deal as well, probably helped save my knee as well as them releasing properly, even though the din setting was probably a bit high for my expereince level, they still performed.
They seem to look a bit clunky, but they are all business. I like them better then the Atomic bindings on the p30's. The marker bindings are great, but the guy who recommended me the tyrolia's is switching to them from markers due to quality and price. He says they are the same quality, and the side heal kick out, for half the price or less.
I got HD14 railflex for 129, great price IMO. Can't wait for the ski's to get here.

The rail flex system gives you a bit of adjustibility as to finding the sweet spot on your ski as well, if you mount them right that is.
Some people say they get sloppy when they are older, I personally would say that would be due to poor care, but thats my thought. I am unsure. Not picking out anyone!