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How Tequila Works!

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Guess I screwed this up/.... I'll get back to it in abit....

And I wasn't even drinking at the time! lol

How Tequila works
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Hey VSP, I think you need to upload that photo to somewhere on the web - right now it looks like it's coming from a Yahoo email.
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Yeah, I can not see it either. Waiting on the edge of my seat to find out how Tequila works....and what it works for.
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Original post actually shows you how tequila works. Nothing gets done right...
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Maybe my latest effort got it right... Snowfan got it right with the link
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I think my wife and I actually have the VSP eye care benefit plan. I'm pretty sure tequila isn't covered at 100%.
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The difference between a dog and a fox?

About 8 beer.
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one tequila
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two Tequila
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T. H. R. E . .. .. E (Hic) T.E.q U. LLLLLL AAAA
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...... L

...----*** O

()()(**^^~~~~ O

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ R

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Originally Posted by dchan View Post
T. H. R. E . .. .. E (Hic) T.E.q U. LLLLLL AAAA
Is this the meaning behind 'three dog night'?
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