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How to handle small jumps

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I have improved greatly over the past year to the point where I am on much steeper and faster runs. On some trails, there are small hills that, when going fast enough, will throw you into the air a little bit. Not a true jump per se, but the terrain will put you in the air.

I often land off balance or I am rolling down the windows in the air, etc...

What is the correct way to approach these obsticles? What should my body position be before, in mid-air, and at landing? I viewed a Super-G from Austria where they were catching huge air. They all basically crouched down and leaned all the way to the ground. That seems unrealistic for me since I am not going 70 MPH on a 60* grade.

Thank you

PS - I do not want to avoid the air, I just do not want to be laid out.
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You're letting the bump launch you when you get airborne instead of you launching off the bump.

Bend your legs before take off so that both your knees and ankles bend (if you don't bend your ankles, your butt will move behind your heels as you bend - stand up and practice the difference at home). Extend on take off, retract your legs after take off, extend your legs before landing, then absorb the landing.

If you want to minimize the "launch", then extend before take off and absorb part of the take off. If you want to maximize the launch, then push as you extend on the take off.

If you want to make sure about a jump, use the ATML model to plan it. Plan your Approach to be aware of compressions, avoid things that will knock you off balance and to get the speed you'll need. Look at the Takeoff to determine how the jump will launch you (will go high or long?). Whether you will be able to do a Maneuver (e.g. a flip, spread, tip drop, 360, grab or whatever) while in the air or just scrunch up (bring your feet up and drop your hands low), make sure you spot your landing. Your desired Landing point will determine how fast your approach needs to be. Make sure you land softly by absorbing at the desired spot in the landing zone and have room to slide if you don't.
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Thank you!

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