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Final decision - Falcon 10 or Kryton Pro?

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If anyone can help me w/ this decision, they'll make my day, seriously, it's my b-day tomorrow
35 year old male, 6', 165lb, and I hit the mountain hard.

Falcon 10 -
Fits me like a glove...tight (in the right way)
Excellent ankle/heel fit
Smooth, progressive like flex
Lateral fit and feel - seems boot will have excellent lateral response.

Dislike: This is more of an unknown, as I'm a 35 year old (former racer) used to stiff boots)
Flex - 110 but seems softer (though I was indoors)

Dalbello Krypton Pro -
I originally ruled this boot out - it appear gimmicky, and the liner (pre-heat) was very tight around the calfs and instep...today they slightly heated it for me to soften it up, and it changed my perception a bunch...Now I'm in a dilemma.

Versatility - can go from 110-140 flex
Ability to change forward lean, floorboard, etc.
Liner - I can see that it will be great when fully heated & fitted
Smooth forward flex

Dislikes - My heel/ankle is not solid BUT they added a plastic cup which is place around the heel, and it nearly removed this issue.
The side to side lateral movement seemed to have a little more "roll" or give (which I'm sure a footbed would help some), BUT I have read some reviews that say the lateral response is not as good as some others. CAN ANYONE VERIFY?

I can probably get the Falcon for a couple hundred bucks cheaper, but that is not most important. I just want the right boot.

I would be tremendously grateful for any feedback. I'm also curious, if this is the right forum, or if it should go in the general forum.

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Boot review from Skinet.com

I know boot reviews are often a joke...you might as well ask someone what's the best ice cream flavor...

BUT, I thought this site was pretty good. You plug in the areas most important to you (response/steering for me) click go.

They really like Salomon, and rate it highest, and they rate the Dalbello quite low, which surprised me. The Dalbello review can be found a few pages back.

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falcons will be a lot stiffer in the cold, and are a narrower, lower volume, fit overall.

not a good sign if you have to add stuff to the boot to make the heel tight before you ski it.

unless you are racing FIS both are fine for lateral stiffness.

flex ratings are not a universal, measurable thing, all are a basic starting point only
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This is great advice, thank you!

If I understand your point correctly regarding "adding something", the boot fitters at the Lift House in SLC (good fitters IMO) indicated that the Intuition liner will mold some around the heel, that the additional cup would just hold me in tighter...but per your point, I think that is good advice, and I'm gathering that my heel may be a tad narrow for the Krypton.

Thanks again...I really appreciate it!
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have you tried on the fulltil yet?

I 3 prt idea, but a bit narrower, and lower instep.

on TGR I wrote a long techy info on the differences between Kry and FT boots.
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I will look it up and give it a read... thanks!

One more question on size...the Falcon 27 & 27.5 are the same correct?

Is the liner the same as well? I was told that the only change is the thickness of the footbed, which I would be replacing anyway w/ a custom one.
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Went w/ the 27.5 Falcon 10...just picked it off of Ebay for $250.

A tall woman wore it two times, but said it was too big. Not a scratch and the only mod she made was her footbed, which I'll be replacing anyway.

Now I just need to get a new bed, and I'm good to go!

Thanks for your help

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