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Base Gouge on the Edge

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I got a little too close to a gate and took a chunk out of my base, right next to the edge. It's not a core shot and the steel isn't showing. The gouge is about 4 inches long and 1-2 mm wide. I could not get a good picture to post.

I have some ptex candles but not much else for base repair. I was wondering if it would hold to the steel, or if I should consider epoxy or metal grip. It's not that bad of a gouge, but I don't want to make it worse or blow the edge out.
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4 inches long?

metal grip.
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Thanks - I was half expecting that answer, I'll give it a try. They'll be rock skis next year anyways, I have a tip starting to delaminate so I'll be fixing that too.
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If it was about 4-5-6 mm wide the answer might have been different: I reckon there would be enough surface area for a ptex patch to stick, just by adhesion to the plastic on one side.
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Why metal grip? From the description it sounds like the gouge is near but not touching the edge. At least that's what I interpreted "the steel isn't showing" to mean. Why not just normal ptex?
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Originally Posted by jaobrien6 View Post
Why not just normal ptex?
High wear area and a spot where the old base material is hard to heat up to get a good bond to it.
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I must not have been clear, the gouge is on the edge, it is just not deep enough to show the steel part of the edging that sits on the core.

If it were near the edge but not touching, I wouldn't hesitate dripping some ptex in. I'm just trying to finish the season on em, so I can get some skis cheap this summer.
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Do you have a soldering iron? You might first try soldering the ptex candle, or get metal grip and overlay that with welding material.

Metal grip is not the best for the final surface and designed as an intermediate (primer) between dissimilar materials like core and edges.

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I just read your article on soldering, I'll give that a try so I don't have to buy anything. Thanks for the info on your site.I know it may not be the ideal repair, but the skis are at the end of their life.  I have epoxy curing a delamintated tip, pieces missing out of the topsheet, and a few other ptex repairs to the bases.  I'm not sure how much longer they'll last.

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