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Movement Thunder 187

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OK I've never composed a ski review before so if I leave stuff out feel free to ask me questions. I'm really just writing this because I feel like these skis don't get nearly enough love on here and they definitely deserve it.

Skier: 6'3" 190lb pretty good/expert (who knows, I'll ski anything)

Skis: Movement Thunder 187cm 122-89-111 2008/2009

Bindings: Marker Duke

Terrain: All kinds. I've skied them in early season conditions in VT, knee deep powder in MT, blown crust, tight trees, moguls, and some occasional ice. About 10 days on them so far.

This is the first pair of skis I've owned. Before this I was just taking the Mantra out on demo every time I skied. I bought these sort of impulsively but have been loving every second on them. Since I have skied the east cost plenty there have been quite a few days where I am skiing mostly packed powder, man made and groomed trails. These skis absolutely rip. Much more enjoyable than the mantra. They feel much more stable at speed. With the mantras I was constantly annoyed with the tip chatter and I couldn't lay them on edge quite as much. These aren't a pure carver by any means, especially at slow speeds. They like to go fast. They actually feel a little unstable at slow speeds. I've tipped over a couple of times at slower speeds trying to see how well they carve. Once they are up to speed though they are rock solid. They don't hold too well on pure ice and really hard windblown crust (which I encountered off the tram at Big Sky) but on packed pow or cord they are a blast.

I'd say they really excel in up to 6" of fresh snow. They aren't the fattest skis so if the snow is deep, unless the terrain is super steep, I found myself hunkering down in the back seat a bit to make sure the tips stayed up. But in a few inches of fresh, or just chopped up powder they blow right through it all (and again, at speed they feel super stable). On super steep and deep they do just fine. I hit some runs off the ridge at Bridger into untracked, knee deep powder and they were a blast.

In super tight trees they are handful but mostly because of the length I think. I found myself sort of picking my way through some of the glades at Jay (partly because I don't really know where I'm going up there) but when the trees spread out a little bit they did fine and I was able to maneuver them with ease. They are actually pretty fun on bumps too as they are very light.

Overall the skis like to go fast and hard. You really need to stay over them at all times but when I did occasionally find myself in the backseat I was still able to get back up before they took off without me. I wouldn't recommend them for ice as the edges just didn't hold for me (although I just got them tuned, so we'll see how they do now). For me they are the perfect all mountain ski. I'd definitely recommend them to someone who skis all mountain in the east and takes a trip or two out west. They can handle it all very well.

Hope that covers everything! Sorry it's so non-technical. Feel free to ask questions.

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Good review.  Movement seems to be putting out a good product these days.  I don't see many on the slopes, so I'm not even sure where I might demo a pair.  

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