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Skiing-in-Jackson Has Cool Kids

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Any of you who have been following the trip reports from Jackson Hole are probably aware of Skiing-in-Jackson (Stephen) and his ripper kids. I just wanted to report that not only are his children great little skiers, they're really cool kids as well.

He and I have ski lockers in the same room in the Bridger Center, so I see him and his family pretty regularly. This morning, I came into the locker room and there was this great little display on the counter of the locker office:

Stephen's kids dreamed up the idea of taking donations for the JH ski patrol and drew these cute little posters. Best of all, the guy behind the counter says there have been a whole bunch of visitors (aka tourists) who have remarked on what a wonderful idea it is and then dropped bills in the box.

How great is that?

For any of you who are still coming to Jackson this winter, Stephen is a custom bootfitter at Jackson Hole Sports in the Bridger Center right at the base of our gondola. I've heard outstanding comments on his skills from a bunch of people in the ski school. If you're looking for a boot person while you're here, keep him in mind.
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Stephan has made my feet happy feet. I'm ready to have him look at my secondary alpine boots that I use at The King. We are also in high level disscusions about a new Intuition Powerwrap for my tele boots for next season.
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Bob thanks for posting. I will make a trip over to the Bridger to make a donation. I will be out there 1/31 - 2/7. We got 6 of us this year. I believe this is our 9th consecutive year. Can't wait to see the new TRAM.

They usually have the Ski Patrol party and raffle next week. We have gone to this party in the past and always make a point to go over and buy some raffle tickets to help support the JH ski patrol. The patrol party is ahhh how should I say this . Colorful. If you have never gone to this, you may want to put this on the your list of things to do. Its for a good cause.
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In Jan 08, Finndog and I met Skiing in Jackson, his wife and 4 kids. We were sitting next to each other at lunching in Casper Restaurant at JH. Finn found out he was a local bootfitter of reknown and we started talking etc. It was his 40th b.d. and he was sporting a neat new watch.

Later that afternoon, as I was getting on the Gondola, they happened to be loading and I joined them for some runs. His two older children just skied the blacks waaay ahead of us. They rip. His two younger daughters (5 &9 ?) were a real treat to watch. SIJ would ski down and find a little lip. He had hand signals and called them down to grab air when it was safe. His wife Christy and I skied safely behind. The half-pipe had just opened and the kids made a run into it, looking like they were bred to ski it. It was great to ski with them. SIJ is so enthusiastic when he skis and it rubs off on his kids.He did a set of Intuition liners for me and they work great.


SIJ and I exchanged pm's through the summer and we linked up again this year in JH. His son Blase skied with us, I mean well ahead of us. He skied with our group much of the week and all had a great time with his family.


I had a chance to watch him do some bootfitting - he's good. If your in JH, stop in and say hello. I know I've got a friend in Jackson.



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