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Copper and A-Basin

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My wife and I spent four days in Evergreen. The plan was to ski three days, but that meant skiing on Sunday and I really hate the weekends. On Sunday we opted to spend the day in Boulder. Boulder is a great town and if you have never been, I highly suggest it. We spent a good part of the day hiking Boulder Canyon and the Flatirons. There was about an inch of snow on the ground, and light flurries all day. There was no wind. Great weather.

On Monday we skied Copper. One if the reasons I hate the weekend is because I know what midweek is like. We were expecting anywhere from 8 to 16 inches according to the ground hogs (weathermen) in Denver. However we were greeted with about 3 - 4 fresh upon arrival. The longest I had to wait all day for a lift was 10 seconds and that was because I stopped to grab a nose-wipe. The snow was good and so was the weather. Only a little wind at the top. The back bowls were in good condition as well.

We skied A-Basin on Tuesday and again were expecting lots of snow. There was maybe two or three inches of fresh but you could find some deeper in the trees. In the morning I did several laps under the Lenawee making fresh tracks until 11! I spent most of the afternoon in Montezuma Bowl. It was my first trip back to A-Basin since the bowl was opened and I must say it really changed the place for the better. I did two laps on Pali before it was time to quit. I forgot how steep the terrian was under that lift. Crowds were non-exsistant. The weather was cold, but the wind was light.

It was a great trip and I am loooking forward to our next one in three and a half weeks.

BoulderCanyon in the snow:

The obligatory Copper shot:

A little fresh:

Some warm up bumps under the Timberline lift:

Under the Sierra lift:

Top of the Sierra lift toward Vail Pass:

Towards Frisco:

Union Bowl:

Copper Bowl:

Loveland ski area from Loveland Pass:

A busy A-Basin:

Plenty of fresh at 10:00 am:

Under the lift line (yes that was me crashing after a ski released!):

Booting up to drop into Zuma bowl:

I like this shot:

Zuma Bowl:

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More from A-Basin

Here are a few more shots from A-basin

Zuma Bowl:

The trees on Independence:

Also on Independence:

Slalom Slope:
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