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TR: Brighton.....MI

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Yes, it's the "other Brighton." You will not find bussloads of LDS here, nor will you find an actual mountain.

So I had a few hours to burn, there was about 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground, and I had to drive to Lansing anyway. Popped some gear in the car and took exit 145 off 96.

Lift ticket was only $25 - that's a five dollar discount because Wed. is "men's day".

Only two chairlifts were open. Took the double and headed to the expert terrain. Let me now list the warning signs I should have observed before buying the ticket:

Only other people at the hill were beginners.
The rental skis were straight Olins.
Beginners on the Olins who had clearly never skied before were easily straightlining down the slope to the lift in about 30 seconds.
The guy in the ski patrol jacket looked like an expert compared to everyone else because he turned.

Anyway, I made lots of first tracks (not that easy without much help from gravity), hit the bumps (all five) and practiced jumps on their terrain park off the triple chair (not good for my non-teen knees). Ran out of stuff to do in an hour and a quarter and left.

Next time I'm back there if ever it will be with my son when he is 3.5 and I can try teaching him to ski.

Bottom line: When you consider the ratio of ticket price to skiing enjoyment, it's just not worth it. Suddenly Deer Valley looks like a bargain.
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Can Relate, yet as a child growing up we loved Mt Brighton. Untill our first trip to Northern Mich, I think Nubs Nob was first. Then we just called Mt. B the "Bump"
Of course I was 10yrs old then...
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Don't feel bad you could have been farther east at Pine Knob or "Mt." Holly where the daily lift ticket rates are 32+ and everyone skis like idiots.

But in the end, if that's what you have in your back yard and you wanna burn some turns in the middle of the week.....
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Maybe I should go native and take up snowmobiling as a winter sport.
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when I was a kid in Winnebagoland, the grownups nailed some skis on the bottom of an outhouse, towed it out on the ice, and went fishin. With a quart of Jack Daniel's..
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Is Michigan winnebagoland? I've only lived here for a year and a half and have yet to figure all the terminology out.

If only cross country skiing felt fun instead of like a cardiovascular stress test I might enjoy this place a bit more.
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did you run into Dexter Rutecki ??
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Originally Posted by admx View Post
"Mt." Holly where...everyone skis like idiots.
Hey, I resemble that remark!
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