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Slow Skiing Drills

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Gon' be in Mammoth this weekend, picking up the pass and seeing what skiing the knee will allow. If I'm able to ski at all it's going to be plenty of slow stuff, side to side down the groomed boulevards.

I'll be looking for flat skis.
I'll be paying acute attention to small movements.

Any slow-skiing drills you like to do that you'd recommend?
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Slow skiing is a drill. That is, skiing at slow speeds, doing any drill at slow speeds, is a very useful variation. Some call it doing the right dance for the music.
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Executing the SLOW line fast and then the FAST line slow are excellent exercises in the finishing and ending processes of ones guys still skiing???
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Ryan, if you want to baby your knee, very slow skiing may not be the thing to do. It is actually easier on the knees to allow some speed to carry you around the turn and slow your downhill progress by coming around more.

There is a happy middle ground of riding the skis around with medium speed and coming around just enough to still have enough speed, though it may be slow, to start the next turn without having to muscle it around with a hurt knee.

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thanks, Ott.

I'm sure that given the springy condit's of that weekend, I did everything with my knee that I should not have. Made it out unscathed, though, and finally managed to keep linking on-snow 360's.
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