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Im a heavyweight, 5' 9" about 230# getting slimmer as the days go by. Im looking for a good eastern all mountain ski that will serve an advanced skier with solid abilities, dont want to buy again in 18 months. I have been demoing and searching and the confusion is mounting. Head Monsters were solid, wondering about the AC30 (not demoed), have also looked at Atomic RT80 which is a teleski but has nice dims, Nordica AB seems too wide and soft. My brother the tele shop manager has me thinking I want something with dims close to 122 80 110 give or take length is the issue, demoed some 177 and they felt too long a bit out of control at times. My size makes me lean toward long skis aybe I just need more time on them. Many options just need some direction. Advice please. Also any shop options for good used or late model deals. HELP Im overthinking and I cant get out of the lodge