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I've skied my entire life, then switched over to snowboarding the last 6 or so years and im starting to get back into skiing. The last time i looked into buying skis was when shaped skis just started to become real popular so I’m relatively clueless.
I've only skied on the east coast so i want a ski for the piste (well usually the ice) but especially good in moguls.
Basically I’m looking for a durable ski that would be good for freestyle moguls (cheaper than the Hart F17s) but can still perform on jumps in the park and wont suck on the rest of the mountain.
I guess i want a mogul specific twin tip (if that exists) but I’m not too sure. As of right now I’m leaning towards the Head supermoguls. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions and quick reviews of skis i should be interested in.

Also, one of my friends with twin tips had his binding right in the center of the ski, I was wondering if i should move my bindings up or not.
Thanks in advanced for the help