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slc area stay and eat?

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booked sw air to slc feb 18-24.where to stay? 2 guys hardcore skiers
60 yo, Skiing at alta,snowbird,powder mt,snowbasin,solitude.whats the best town to stay-not into glitz need a good hottub,renting a car.decent place to eat red meat too!
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I'd recommend hitting Pow Mow and Snowbasin on consecutive days at either the beginning or end of your trip. That being said, stay in Ogden (the Hampton Inn has decent rooms and a good hot tub, albeit indoors). Great restaurants and a few microbrews available.

For the other mountains, try the Alta Peruvian (if there's room).
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I concur.
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Embassy suites downtown - free cooked to order breakfast. free cocktail reception in the even. hot tub. tons of nice restaurants closeby. Red meat - Flemings, Ruth's chris, New yorker etc.

Me and my buddy split a room here all the time.
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