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Tight lower shin

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I have pain in the lower shin, around the second buckle from the top. It's right where the foot meets the leg, where it bends.

I'd like to hear your creative ideas for expanding this area, or otherwise getting a more comfortable fit right there.

I'm currently wearing very thin socks, thinking of getting socks with shin padding but that won't really correct a shell that's too tight in that area; in fact it may increase pressure, no?

My shell is expandable at the top rear for a larger calf. I adjusted that as far out as it will go, but that doesn't really relate to the lower shin.

Any ideas? Some boot fitters have told me there's nothing they can do about that area, or that it's difficult to do.

Boot: Nordica Speed Machine 10.
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boot is the right size for you to start with?

sometimes an eliminator tongue can help add more padding

does a heel lift make it better or worse?
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The boot is slightly large, but the best fit I could find. Shell fit is 5/8" to 3/4".


I haven't tried heel lifts yet. How would that help?


What's an eliminator tongue?

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it is a hard place to work on.


heel lift will change the ankle placement in the boot, and effect the hinge point of the foot to lower leg, and might make the foot feel better.   Also it is a quick experiment, and it totally reversable if you dont like it.   If it feels worse then get the heel of the boot board lowered


on the masterfit site they show elinator tongues.  just extra padding.


did the one size smaller boot give you this pain too?  Did other boots?

can the sotre/boot fitter you bought the boots from help you?

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Thanks for the information. I'll try the heel lifts.


I found the Speed Machine 10 for $300 in the odds-and-ends end-of-season pile and couldn't resist it because the fit was pretty good. There was no smaller size to try, unfortunately, but every other brand I tried in the smaller size was too small.


My previous boots (Head S9, one size smaller that the SM 10) caused a lot of shin pain.


The store is too far from me to go back for further fitting.

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