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This Weekend in Utah

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I'm going to be staying in Draper UT this Weekend and skiing Fri Sat and Sun. Right NOw I'm plannig to ski the 1st two days in snowbird, but the third day is up for grabs. I was thinking about Snowbasin, because I here good things about it and am thinking the snow from the recent dumps may last longer there because it is a little further away. Any suggestions? Also if anybody wants to hook up for some runs with my wife and myself, send a PM .
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I assume you have a car... we got more snow today. Snowbasin is a pretty far jaunt from Draper, and unless you go the back way on Hwy 84,(spectacular) is an ugly urban freeway drive.. Sundance is closer, and is quiet. LCC, BCC get the most snow of course. Alta holds vast areas for avi control 'till days after a storm. But, I guess the point is, you're already at a great place in the 'Bird, and hitting fresh powder is more about timing than location...
If the weather is sunny, any one of Park City's resorts is an easy day trip from Draper and will have lots of excellent groomers- many more cruisers than Alta or Bird. But then again, if it's sunny, everywhere is good. The snow right now is perfect. I hope this helps...
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Thanks, can't wait to ski and to try my new monsters88s
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