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Ski trick websites?

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Does anyone know of any good websites offering a list of tricks to do while skiing? Right now, I know of about 7 or 8 good tricks to do but there must be more out there. My local ski resort has some slammin tabletops and I'm dying to try some new tricks. Any sites that have pictures or even videos of jumps and tricks would be a plus. There's quite a few sites with ski boarding and snowboarding tricks, but I just can't find any for the traditional skis. I'll keep searching and if I do find any, I'll post them here. Thanks!
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A friend from school has a really nice website. He's really good at jibbing and newschool. The site has lots of movies, tips, articles and photos.

(I CAN'T post the url, it just shows as a bunch of *******'s...somehelp help me out here?!)

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Sometimes EpicSki won't let you post an address if the address has been found to send out SPAM or other junk. What you can do is to break up the address so that it doesn't appear as an URL. For example: Epic Ski dot com. Try that and if it doesn't work, oh well. Someone did point out a site that has some pretty sweet stuff on it. It's at Free Ski On Line dot com (no spaces). Peace
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Okay thats why. Hey thats exactly the site!

Free ski on line dot com
(without the spaces)

Jeff's an amazing skier, seeing this stuff in real life is like "WOoowww!".

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www.freezeonline.com has a section called "Jib Tips".
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