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Skis (and boots) for a big guy

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I am 6'1" height weight 265. Ex football player, current weight lifter, strong, thick legs, large upper body, good reflexes, good aerobic condition, middle intermediate skier now but was approaching type III before I stopped skiing. 51 years old just coming back to skiing after 10 years. Used to ski 180-190 cm skis but I know all of that has changed with shaped skis.

Have skied around half a dozen times took a couple hours of lessons but need more. Trying to break the stand on one ski habit of previous years for a more balanced approach. Results are variable, old habits are hard to break.

Anywho considering my level and that I am wanting to go from where I am up to doing some moderate at best black diamonds I am looking for advice on type of ski, length for my height/weight, bindings and boots as well.

Just divorced so thats why I can ski again but also why I can't break the bank. Two sides to everything.

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get boots from a good bootfitter first (not a chain store that some kid that just sells boots) the bootfitters forum has a list of some good people that might be in your area

if you have to rent skis for a while do that, but get the boots that fit you the best. budget $300-$500ish.
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Thanks. Will go "ask the boot guys". I am guessing I want a fairly stiff ski due to my weight. Is there a measurement that's published on stiffness or do I have to just go and flex the ski by hand?
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flex ratings are a very basic starting point. best to flex them and see how eash flexes for you
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The basics still apply, whatever your size.

1- Good boots, get a good fitter

2-Warm clothes, you've got to be comfortable

3- Demo skis, there's a lot of b*s about what ski to get. You'll change, and what you like will vary--find what you like, don't listen to us too much
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Thanks, guys. I have a EEE foot size 11.5 and I shopped around and tried on some boots. It came down to the Beast and a Technica Vento 70 HVL, both in 29.5. I know they pack out but they were both very, very snug to begine with. The Beast was just a bit too narrow for my foot while the Technica felt great, if a little snug. But after skiing hard for two days they were right in my sweet spot. I went back and had a pair of custom footbeds made for them.


So now I am down to buying a pair of AC30 in either 177 or 184, but thats in another thread. Also looking for help on where I should spend a week the beginningof March in a third thread. Hey, you guys have all the answers so why not?

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