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I want to start sharpening and waxing my own skis at home. Most of the good sharpening tools are adjustable. Where do I find the specifications for what angle to set the tool for for my skis..thanks
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the angle depends on what kind of tune you you want not the skis you have. My interpretation though from reading reviews and what not is that the adjustable tools are not as good because u loose accuracy for convenience. IIRC the usual angle for someone who free skis is 2 or 3 degrees could be wrong though
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Actually all of the better tools are fixed angle.

What type of skiing do you do what type of skis are you looking to tune?
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You'll really be doing yourself and your skis a disservice using the cheaper adjustable tools for sharpening edges. I have yet to find one that can really hold a consistent edge angle (and I own a pile of them) - they vary way too much depending on how you hold and pressure the tool. And if you don't have a true bench with a ski vise then forget about getting any kind of accuracy.

What I suggest is that you "run the numbers" on how often you ski, how often you get your skis tuned at a shop, the total cost for a season, time to get the skis to/from the shop, etc. Then see if those numbers can justify tuning yourself. Take the dollar amount for what you would spend on tuning for the season "outsourced" and then start looking at "real" ski tuning tools.

Good edge bevel guides, etc. will cost upwards of $75 or more. Then add in files, etc. BTW - there is lots of good advice and info on specific tools in the ski tuning forum.
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go to Tognar.com
instructions and bevel recomendations.
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 I just bought some gear from cleancarve.com which was all fixed angle stuff.  Great service and equipment.
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OlcC9s, Welcome to EpicSli.  Everything you need to know and don't need to know about tuning amd maintaining skis  can be found here

Tuning and Maintenance

Also there's some folks that hang around here that sell tuning supplies for all dofferent needs I recommend Alpinord.  He has a business called SlideWright

Terry (Alpinord) will take good care of you
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