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utah in presidents week week?

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going to slc either feb 18-24,or feb 25- mar 3, what's it like on pres weeK.skiing alta, snowbird,powder mt,solitude,staying midvale area
thanks in advance
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Saturdays at Alta/Bird will have big lines, a little less so on Sundays. Most other days shouldn't be too bad. Hit Solitude, Powder Mountain or Snowbasin on the busy days.
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I have skiid Prez week in Utah for years now and it is generally nasty on the weekend - some of the busiest days of the year, even at Snowbasin. Rest of the week not so bad (these days I usually arrive on Monday and skip the weekend). But if you have the choice, why not take the 2/25-3/3 week so its not an issue?
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