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So, I have to tell you about the great fun I had on a pair of team-stock Volkl P50 Slaloms recently. While I wouldn't ordinarily buy a contemporary slalom ski (with "nose-pickers") to free-ski, these 168CM P50's were too cheap to pass up. As I was doing my best Bode imitation . . . . I was very impressed with the edge hold and short turn radius (duh!), as well as the ability to vary the turn radius & just plain go like hell. I even took them in some really junky powder/crud/death cookies and came out smiling. I found the P50's incredibly easy to ski and look forward to our next session together.

There are several posts about slalom race skis vs. slalom carving skis at the top of the board right now; after spending a day on the P50's I would cast my vote for the race ski. WOW

Small print: I would also have to qualify any recommendation based on ability and intended use.