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Race workers needed at Greek Peak

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GP Ski Club is running a J3 race this Sat (1/31/09) and is looking for volunteers to work as gatekeepers. In return, lunch and refreshments are provided to the race workers. Please PM me if you're interested.
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For a delicious lunch and a free day pass... We are needing gate judges for this upcoming Sunday (Feb 8) again for our last home race. This time will be a J4/5 race and we really need help from anyone in the local skiing community to help.

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I'm nowhere near.  However, it is not clear if the "day pass" is for the day of the race (not much good or much inducement) or another day.  Our resort comps the day of the race and provides a free pass to use another day or give to a friend.  We have NO SHORTAGE of volunteers for the races and it gets season passholders interested as well.  

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Well, everything is relative, right?


In our region, we don't have the abundance of freshies and elevation, nor the tourism to support the finances. So, we do it for the passion and dedication towards the sport. Our members bring in food to feed the race worker time after time. Passes are only an incentative to attract additional help when needed.


In this neck of the woods (pretty much of all of Upstate NY), finding workers is always an issue (I have seen it everywhere). Maybe because we just don't have enough serious skiers in the general community. Also, it's typical that resorts in this region provide only the same day pass for volunteering. Most ski areas here cannot afford to dish out multiple day passes.


With that being said, for those who are interested in helping, please contact me. Our club is amongst the best for its hospitality (ask anyone from the New York State racing circuit and they will tell you).

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