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Boot length

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My foot is solidly between two sizes, 24 and 25. Virtually every 25 I have tried is a tad too long, while every 24 I have tried on is definitely too short.

Given the difficulty of lengthening the shell, I decided to go with the longer size, a 25. The heel was loose, so I inserted a Dalbello heel cradle. The boot is not a Dalbello, but the cradle seems to work well---my heel is not lifting, nor moving laterally.

So now what I have is a boot that's a bit too long, but my foot is held fairly securely all around. Is there anything wrong with that?

I know the general recommendation is to go with the shorter size, but that has gotten me into real trouble in the past.
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if the heel is held down it should be fine.

1) what is the shell fit like?

2) what about a lower volume/narrower size 25?
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Shell fit is 1.5 to 2 fingers.

The boot is the Nordica Speed Machine 10. I can't go with a lower volume---I have a wide forefoot and high instep. My heel is narrower than most women's so there are very few boots at my level (terminal low advanced) that would fit. I tried many other boots. The next best fit was the Dalbello Electra 8. I rejected it because it was too much of a close performance fit compared to the Speed Machine and the flex was too hard. Most other women's boots were sloppy in the heel. I didn't try anything 90 flex or above.

All size 24s I tried had a 1-finger fit, which I can't tolerate.

My goal was to get a close heel fit and get the forefoot blown out, but I couldn't fit the right heel fit. Part of the problem was limited stock at this time of the year. I was interested in the Solomon Idol 8, which I know has a narrower heel, but couldn't find it.
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it might work, I hope so

also a translation between fingers and mm might be helpful too. My tape measure doesn't have a reading for digits.
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OK, that was pretty funny, but you bring up a good question. I always thought that a "2-finger fit" meant with the fingers side by side, which on my hand is 35 mm, or 1.25"---that would be a huge recreational fit.


But a salesperson told me recently that you put one finger on top of the other, which for me would be 22 mm or 7/8", still a recreational fit.


Can you shed any light on this finger question? Side by side, or one on top fo the other?


I'm told that a comfortable fit between recreational and performance is 5/8". I made a couple of carboard rulers 5/8" and 3/4" wide and checked my shell fit with a flashlight. It's either 5/8" or 3/4" (not an exact science). Not as much as 1" nor as little as 1/2".


I'm guessing that the shell is about 1/4" too long, which does bug me. I guess I'll put another layer under the footbed and see if that helps. It sure is nice to not be in boots that are too small.



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5-15mm is a good range.   15 is going for a recreational fit,  20mm = groomed green runs, between coffee/wine breaks.


sometimes you go bigger based on peoples needs, but that 5-15mm is a good bet


The FAQ at the top of this forum has some good info.   maybe start with reading that?

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