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Sunshine Village Jan 27th

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Sunshine was kinda disappointing today. I know often there is not much snow coverage at the tops of Goat's Eye and Angel, but right now it is pretty much a white ribbon of death above tree line. The snow on the runs is very icy and it is mostly strait up rock off the runs.

Once you get down to tree line the coverage is OK, with rocks here and there but still somewhat icy.

I skinned a small treed hill inbetween Goat's Eye and Lookout Mountain, below delerium, and the snow was awesome - knee deep sugary powder.

So basically where no one has skied and the sun/wind haven't ravaged is good, everywhere else is a letdown.
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That sucks. I haven't made it up to ssv yet this year, but it hasn't been great (although we had a couple of good weeks) in Southern Alberta either.

We need snow!
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The conditions were excellent first thing in the new year, but there's been little new snow in the past couple of weeks. I haven't been up there for about 3 weeks, but back then the conditions were awesome for this time of year.
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Somebody must have been praying to the snow gods.  Sunshine just got dumped on.  Almost a half meter of snow in the past day and a half.  I'm heading up tomorrow

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