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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post


Ya this is an epic trip for sure.  I think you'll be happy with Powder, given all the recent snow and the tendency of that place to hold untracked powder for days and days.


Take a few shots if you can.  great stuff Jim!



Shots taken ct and while this was my 2nd trip to Powder Mountain, but the first one was 15yrs ago.


Today was day 16 on skis for this trip and as people might have guessed, I was at Powder Mountain Utah.  They had a couple inches overnight and their last dump was Monday.


Not to be worried as there are very few skiers midweek and there were fresh to lightly tracked lines to be had all over.  Even the most obvious and heavily skied runs from the chairs were still chowder and not crud.  Not a bump to be found anywhere.


Powder Mountain isn't very steep in most places, but relatively steep shots can be found a plenty off the Paradise chair, about half way down from the poma and in Powder Country. 


I was here in Utah 2 weeks ago at the beginning of this trip and was lucky enough to ski with ct55 and his friend Dick.  We skied 2 days together and on one day they were heading to Powder Mountain, but I already had a paid for ticket to the cottonwoods so didn't go.  They reported back how good it was and that persuaded me to go back today even though it had been 3 days since a significant snowfall.  It was indeed very good and the following pics only show runs/tracks etc... as I was solo.



The extravagant base facilities



 How dare they track it up this much after 3 days



Off the Paradise lift



A little scenery on the all downhill road back to the lift from cobabe canyon



Off Paradise lift again



And again



Lightning Ridge snowcat tracks($12 per ride)



A PACKED base lodge at lunch



Even all the main just off the lift runs were no worse than chowder



I'm now in Powder Country



More Powder Country



Your traverse back to the lift



Your high speed lift at the bottom of Powder Country



My last run of the day in lightly tracked 3 DAY old snow through some aspens






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Snowbasin tomorrow for my final skiing day!

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Glad you got the goods at Powder Mountain Jim, sorry I could not make it.  Powder Mountain is like going back in time.  Great to ski with you and hope you had a great trip.  More snow tonight and all day tomorrow - sucks to live in Utah!!  May all your turns be deep and smooooth!



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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post


Oh, and while you all were skiing "the john" I was at MJ skiing Outhouse.  How funny is that! 


Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post



That is pretty funny


I was skiing "the John" at a place  named after Jim Bridger, so seems appropriate.


You were skiing "Outhouse" at a place named Mary Jane.  Shouln't it have been more appropriately named "powder room" or "ladies lavatory"?


While i'm fully aware this particular Mary Jane could kick my butt, It's still no reason not to be more "ladylike"


Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post


I skied Toilet Bowl today.  Does that count?

Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post


Snowbasin tomorrow for my final skiing day!

Thanks for sharing this great adventure!  Looks like a ton of fun!

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ahh Powder or as my friend Dick from Boston says "Powdah". ;)


Great trip Jim hope to meet up some time again ...

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Jim your ski-fari is worthy for sure! Looks like an awesome adventure. I never wanted to do the drive-n-ski thing but you changed mind. It is now on my list!

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Thanks to all for the comments.  It has been a great trip as I depart for the SLC airport


I'll get the pics from a FABULOUS day at Snowbasin yesterday up on Sunday.

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Sitting in the Denver airport waiting on a delayed flight and thought I would post a few from my last day at Snowbasin yesterday.


The day looked like it might be bad visibility, but by the time Sugarcube, Uncle Louie and myself went up the Needles gondola the scenery was amazing.  We were completely above a lower cloud layer in beatiful sunshine.


The day consisted of about 10% fresh shots, 25% lightly tracked and 65% chowder.  We hit every part of the mountain and thanks to Steelman giving me a grand tour 2.5 weeks ago we were able to find some freshies on a fantastic mostly bluebird day.


Above the cloud layer upon reaching the Strawberry area



Uncle Louie in the chowder just below  top of Strawberry gondola



Mount Ogden




More later

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I just have to say thanks for this thread. Great pics and writing. My wife and I are off to Utah for the first time from the UK on 27th Feb for 14 days of fun in the snow. I am trying not to look forward to it too much... 

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More pics from Friday at Snowbasin


Uncle Louie, SunshineTom and Sugarcube in the parking lot at the Days Inn.  We were all on our way to Snow, but Tom was going to Snowbird and UL,SC and myself were going to Snowbasin.  All good for sure!



Uncle Louie waiting on me(not an uncommon occurance) to finish a chowder descent near the Porcupine triple



Uncle Louie maching the groomer getting to the John Paul lift



Sugarcube bringing it home



I believe 4ster posted a few pics of these schutes from above in the "most extreme in bounds" thread and here they are from below(deck of John Paul Lodge)


Near bottom of John Paul



Uncle Louie in perfect form at John Paul bottom



Tracks on the right are ours and If it wasn't for Steelman showing me the way a couple of weeks ago I wouldn't have known how to get there



Uncle Louie at the top of the tram with skiing on the right and Ogden, UT on the left



Easter Bowl on last run of the day which was followed by John Paul lift line to the bottom




I have a few vids to post from this trip after I sign up for Ytube/Vmeo



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Thanks for the pic Jim, glad you had a great trip and got some powder in Utah.  Nice to meet ya and ski with you.

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