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Volkl Bridge feedback

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Any help from all that has skied it would be appreciated. I've checked the flex at the ski shop and the tip seems fairly soft but the tail seems stiff. It seems to be a ski the sort of does everything just OK. To narrow for a powder ski AND the tail seems a bit too stiff for a powder ski. An angled vertical sidewall that looks like it would protect the edges in the park but looks like it would wash out laying them over on hardpack. Is this more of a park ski or an all mountain on-piste ski. How is in bumps and tight trees?
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the bridge is an all mountain ski. They (Volkl) replaced the Karma with the Bridge (all mtn) and the Wall (park). The Bridge will let you do about anything. It doesn't slay the groomers but it does well, not the best in the park (that's why they made the Wall), not really big enough for the powder but it's okay. A good solid ski that is versatile
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