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Skiing in the backseat and heel lifts

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I got my Impact 10's since last year and done no modifications on them this summer (cuz I was fine in them last year). So I start to ski again this season (got about 12 days by now) and noticed that when carving the groomers on my slalom skis, I seem to get in the backseat too much. Now, in the middle of last year, I had those wedge shaped rubber heel lifts installed in my boots by the ''bootfitter'' so I could see the effect of those, which I liked. But this season, I keep getting in the backseat. I now wonder if moving the heel lift forward (raising the heel a bit more) could help or the solution is somewhere else.

Thanks, Hellevhisse
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heel lifts are easy to remove, why not try it and see

also try to remove the F lean shim in the boot. again easy to change and not permanent
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I'll try both options (removing heel lift and increasing heel lift and see what it does.)

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Experiment with external shims between binding and boot (delta) placing a 3mm bontex shim under heel and skiing and then under toe and skiing. Test in combination with heel lifts inside boot too! You may find a combination that works better.
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Heel lifts are no guarantee of staying forward and in my experience often put skiers in the back seat. Agree with Buds idea of decreasing angle instead of increasing and testing for effect.

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lol... I'm a bit of a jong when it comes to binding functionnality. Would adding a shim under the heel require any adjustments? I know that I'll have to adjust the height of the toe piece on the binding (which I learned how to do only a few weeks ago...). But it seems like a good idea as it would influence the whole angle of the boot. Anyway, won't ski the slalom skis this weekend cuz we got a dumping over here yesterday and all that new snow ain't good for testing fine tuning of boot angles.

Thanks for your help, Hellevhisse
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No adjustments necessary. The bindings are designed to accommodate a bit of snow and ice build up on the boot soles so as long as your boot soles are clean the binding will engage fine. Remember, this is a temporary experiment.
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I've just wanted to give you guys an update on the situation. I've finally been able to remove the heel lifts and see what it does. What a difference !!! I felt completely different, it was much more natural, never felt like I was in the backseat anymore, everything felt just right.


Thanks for the help, Hellevhisse

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