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happy birthday jimmy

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hey man i hope you are havin teh beeest day on your birthday. be shur to gnar the shed dubbl diamand today
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Mr dart tanks i'm gettin that foot of snow ya sent me, pair of intutitions on teh whey, best presents ever. Dirty martini dinner, see ya at the knob. j
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Are dem intuitions teh right size for that foot of snow? I'm askin da boss if'n i can go to wintergreen saturday cause the snow didn't hit this far south this time.
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^^^^^ Wut hee sed!

Hava gud un, eh?
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Hey, hey, happy birthday jimmy!
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jimmy,  I missed your B-day but I won't miss you at the Knob. I'll be looking forward to skiing with you again. I hope you B-day was a great one. See you soon.

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