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Steamboat Lodging

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I have researched Steamboat Lodging locations and it seems a little confusing. I prefer Ski-in Ski-Out but a short (Less than 200 yard) walk is OK. Does anyone have any recommendations. I would also consider and "off the slope" location if the price is cheap enough to justify the trouble to drive and park. THat is my next question. How close are the lots or is it better to ride bus? So, my question is first "Do you have lodging suggestions" and second "how close to gondola are the park and walk lots".
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Lots of choices. Steamboat Grand is as good as it gets, Sheraton is also SISO. Gondola Square condos are the closest there are. Canyon Creek units are very nice and a very short walk to the Gondi. Storm Meadows units are a good value for the price. The free bus service is very good and makes most accomodations on the mountain very convenient. This scratches the surface, the bus makes the places in town really viable choices too...
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"how close to gondola are the park and walk lots".
There is the pay parking garage. Otherwise, you have to park at outlying lots and take the bus in. I bus it. It's a good way to catch up on the local gossip too. I've gotten free pizza and run into people who have worked with co-workers when they all worked at resorts back East.
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As gregmerz said there are numerous options in Steamboat. It is all about how much you want to spend. The bus system is very good and drops you off a short walk to the gondy...the same distance as the closest pay lot. If you have a couple of specific choices ask and you can probably get an opinion about the specific place
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