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Extremely Canadian

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I've just booked 2 weeks skiing in Whistler next March. I know it's a long time until I go but I'm looking into improving my off piste skiing whilst I'm there.
I've found a 2 day program with Extremely Canadian that looks good.
Has anyone here taken this program?
If so, what did you think of it and was there a significant improvment in your skiing?

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FYI, there's been some discussion of Extremely Canadian in these old Epic threads:

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Thanks Didelis_Skier,

I've seen these threads already but was hoping for a bit more information about how good the teaching was and if it brought any significant improvements.
A quick rundown of the lessons would be nice also if anyone has the time. I've seen the course plan on the website but it's a bit vague really.
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I just took one a month ago. Had a good time. Skied with a woman named Wendy Brookbank who's been in Warren Miller movies and freeskiing comps. It doesn't have the feeling of a lesson, but there's a decent amount of teaching. I would suspect that had it been freshies there'd be more guiding and less teaching. Everyone in my group was polished (in a ski everything well way not a psia demo look pretty way). We all had a few things that could use work and Wendy picked them out no problem. We did some video and that helped a lot. You'd be best requesting it; because I'm not sure they would've done it if the conditions were awesome.

If you've never skied there it's a good idea simply for the guiding purpose.

We didn't work in the bumps, but I noticed my bump skiing impoved from what I learned. So, there's definitely a noticable improvement.
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Thanks shmerham,

How big was your group?

I've heard alot about Wendy. She's supposed to be a great skier and a mad one too!!! I've got an old Warren Miller film where her first shot is of her jumping of a cliff. She then skies all day and that evening decides to go to the doctors and finds out she broke her leg on the first cliff jump. Her reply was 'It's only a small break'!!!
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