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Alta or Snowbird on 2/1/09

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Yes, I know: it's Superbowl Sunday. I do this every year. Anyone up for turns?

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My group will be gathering on the deck of the GMD at about 9am. Look for 2 orange jackets; I'll be wearing black ski pants with pin-stripes and Krypton Pro boots.

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I'll look for you.

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oh man, the day for skiing the Bird/Alta was today!

35" + in a couple days!
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I am planning on being at Alta on 2/1 also. I try to start out at the upper base lodge and head up to Sugaloaf lift. Will be there with my daughter, she will have white jacket with blue small checkered patterned pants, rossi scratch skis. Me - Orange /rust colored jacket, black pants on Wateas. Would like to make some turns with you guys.
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You guys ought to set a "backup" mid-morning meet-up outside of Alf's @ 11am near the demo shack. That has always worked out great when I have met other Bears at Alta (it's always good to have a backup time/place). Plus you can go ogle all the demo skis -- they have a great selection this year. Wish I was going to be there!
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A back up meeting sounds fine -- 11 am at the demo shack at ALf's it is. My friend Jon is in the market for new skis, so he is leaving his home and will be demoing all week -- it will give him a chance to swap out...
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A few other Bears have PMed me. It looks like a mini gathering on Superbowl Sunday.

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It looks like several bears will meet at the Tram base at Snowbird at 8:40 and also at a secondary location at 12:00 to be announced once I look at today's PM's

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How-about meeting at 12 noon back at the Snowbird Tram base as a secondary meeting time & location?


I'll be wearing a black vest with gray pants and red ski boots.



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