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Dynastar Mythic tune

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Just picked up a pair of 08-09 Mythic Riders from the local shop. Had them mounted and took them out for a spin.

Conditions were not ideal for this ski since I was on Eastern hard pack (not ice) and thought the skis performed as adverstised (meaning fast and loving GS turns) although I thought they were slow to transition into the turns.

Prior to taking them out I asked the shop about Dynastar factory tunes and they said generally they were pretty decent. So I am figuring a 1 base with 2 side.

Well, lo and behold I get them home and find they had a perfect 1 degree base bevel but a 0 degree side edge bevel .
(And I enjoyed skiing them, what does that say??)

I was just wondering does Dynastar not put a side bevel intentionally? I know the primary use for these skis would be loose crud and powder so in these conditons a side edge bevel would not be critical?

Your thoughts??

I am planning on putting a 2 degree side on them tonight since I ski mostly in the east but wanted to throw this out there for anyone buying this years Dynastar Mythics.

BTW measured edge bevels with the SVST edge bevel meter.

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Maybe it means that all this debating about bevels is voodoo and doesn't make all that much difference after all.
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I can feel the difference between 2° and 3° side bevel on hard pack when I'm carving. In soft snow or when skidding the bevel makes little or no difference.

By the way, I don't care what the factory claimed they set the bevels at. I set the bevels at what works best for me for my expected snow conditions and my skiing technique.

I really like my Mythic Riders in deep snow. They're certainly OK on packed snow, but not my ski of choice there.
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Dynastar usually sets that ski at 1 & 1 but since all of the mass produced skis are done in a giant tuning machine that does everything you could have a pair on which the edges were missed.
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Thanks Skierhj,

What you describe is probably the case. I thought that Dynastar generally came with a 1 and 2 however.

They have a 2 degree side now and with up to 16 inches of new here in the Northeast they are going out tomorrow.!

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Dynastar (like many manufacturers) use different edges for different types of skis. Anything designed for use primarily on groomers gets a 2* Many of their skis that were designed for softer snow get a 1* edge
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Originally Posted by Mr Hazmat View Post
BTW measured edge bevels with the SVST edge bevel meter.
FTR, the Bevel meter can be off if it needs a recalibration. Mine is off .5° on base bevel angles. I discussed this with Jim Vermillion of SVST yesterday (bevel meter designer and fabricator). His suggestion for recalibration (short of sending back to them) is to use a Machinist's 1-2-3 Set Up Block. The angle plates can be loosened and there are oval holes beneath that will allow the plate to read 0° when the beveler's magnet snaps to the block.

So, just in case, you might want to make sure your meter is in fact reading properly every once in a while.
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