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Lange foot?

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can someone tell me exactly what a lange foot is?

I have a d width (with footbed), very flat feet (overpronate), narrow heel (v shape). In a diablo magma now, but I feel like there is a lot of slop in the heel area...and my ball of my foot cramps when on bumps and trees (to the point where I can barely put weight on them...many seem to suffer this afflication, particularly it seems in this model boot). originally thought that my foot is too wide, but I am beginning to think the cramping may be because I don't have a tight fit (possible?)

trying to find new boots (need to go to bootfitter, but there arent great ones around me so I want to do more research upfront). current thought is to buy something that fits great in the heel and then get the needed work in the forefoot.

have custom footbeds...and have read the other posts on the cramping issue...they have been very helpful for when I see the bootfitter in a few weeks.
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can someone tell me exactly what a lange foot is?
well it used to be narrow heel, medium instep and medium/narrow fore foot.... but now it could be very narrow all over to pretty broad all over Lange make a boot in the following widths 92mm,95mm,97mm, 100mm, 103mm and 99mm if you want to add the ladies option

so it is very difficult to say exactly what a lange foot is, i know it is hard but you should aim to find the best fitter you can and do the job once and correctly
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thanks...that is what I thought, but I know the definitation has morphed over time.
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IMO there is no such thing as "Lange" foot anymore.
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