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Instructional Ski Books

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What are some good instructional books on the subject of skiing? I'm just getting into the sport....probably consider myself a low intermediate. If found a few titles that look interesting for my level including: The Athletic Skier by Warren Witherell & David Evrard, Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier by Harold R. Harb, Inner Skiing by Tim Galloway.

Any other recommendations/reviews would be great!

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Skiing and the Art of carving by Ellen Post Foster
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Also, the encyclopedia of skiing written by our own Bob Barnes, and the Centered Skier by Denise McCluggage. If you clink on the ski shop link on top, it will direct you to Amazon, which means you help AC support this site! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Unfortunately, Amazon.com is out of my book, and it is out of print until the next edition (hopefully over the summer). Drop me a PM if you are interested, Rookie--I still have a very few copies left.

Thanks, Lisamarie!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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In addition to the books listed above, Lito's revised Breakthrough on Skis book and video series are another good choice.

However, I will warn you that self-instruction often becomes self-delusion. Without feedback from a trained eye, you can make a lot of easily avoided mistakes. Back up your self-study with the occasional lesson to make sure you're on the right track.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely plan on taking lessons...I just want some references to use in between.

I wish I had been introduced to skiing earlier in the year! I am just getting warmed up and the season is slowing down with all this warm weather! My resort has already had to close temporarily when the temps got into the 70's.

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I was going to say "get Bob's book!", but if Amazon's out of it, that's rotten luck.
I got my copy off Bob last night, and did a skim through it, and it's brilliant! Reckon PSIA should slap their logo on it and sell it as one of their references, it certainly contains more info than the alpine manual.
I like the explanations, too. I actually understood them...hopefully.
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The All-Mountain Skier, by R. Mark Elling.

The Athletic Skier, by Warren Witherell.

If SCSA only had read these two books around the same time he first read Harb's Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier, we wouldn't likely be seeing such obnoxious nonsense regarding the supposed superiority of Harb's "unique system." A close comparison of Harb's PMTS system and Elling's technical "tool box" shows that Harb's system is most ironically destined to leave its students as a "terminal level 7-8." Elling goes WAY beyond what Harb teaches to give someone true all-mountain, all-condition skills. Elling's book approximates the reading equivalent of going to one of Eski's camps or clinics. Reading Harb's book is like satisfactorily finishing a Level 7 PSIA ability lesson and certification.

bwaaah hah hah hah. how hilarious!

Witherell has been ahead of his time for about 30 years. His first book, How the Racers Ski, is a classic and still is worth reading today.

Harb is a packager, a marketer, and a good skier. I truly think SCSA is swayed more by Harb's business savvy than by Harb's purity of skiing vision.

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Skiing for Dummies by Allen St John

It's interesting to see what other books people bought along with this one, according to Amazon!

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I've read a number of books on the subject over the years but these are my favorites:

1)Bob Barnes Skiing Encyclopedia. It is much more than its title suggests. It is packed with information that is useful for skiers at any level.
2)R. Mark Elling's All Mountain Skier is also excellent. It is the best "how to" book that I've read aimed at intermediate and advanced skiers.

There are a lot of other good books that have been written some of which have already been mentioned. There are also some pretty bad ones.
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I like Bob Barnes' book a lot. The book covers a large percentage the materials found in the PSIA written exam questions. I used it as my main reference to answer questions in my PSIA written exam. (Yes, I did pass- with scores much better than average.) It's also a good manual to advance your skiing skills. It simply clarifies ski and ski-related concepts systematically.

If you believe that the laws of physics also govern skiing, this book is for you. Bob Barnes explains physics without using a lot of maths or formulas. He simply describes them.

This book is not the "Private lessons" from Skiing magazine. It is written for the pros by a pro. Bob Barnes' book deserves the whole *****.

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I"d cast my vote for "the athletic skier" too. That's the one that clicked for me. I"ve read it over and over. I thought skiing for dummies was stupid as is most of that series, and Lito's orig book was too verbose for me.

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I just finished reading Bob Barnes Encylopedia of Skiing and just started reading Harald Harbs first book for green/blue skiiers. I don't remember the exact name, and I don't want to go down stairs and look it up.

The Encylopedia is the best book I have read on skiing.

To be fair I'm still in the first chapter of the Harald Harb book, but I'm having a hard time getting into it. Maybe it will pick up later.
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My recommendations are:
"Athletic Skier" by Witherall/Evrard
"Centered Skier" by McCluggage
"Inner Skiing" by Galloway/Kriegal?
"Skiing Right" By Horst Abraham
"Anyone Can Be an Expert Skier 1,2" by Harb
"Golf in the Kingdom" by ?
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I really like Lito's revised "Breakthrough on the New Skis."
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Of course, Bob Barnes's Encyclopedia is first-rate. I think of it as a globally encompassing information book on everything about serious alpine skiing, but it's not the same type of how-to as the other books mentioned in this thread. Bob's book is one that NO skier should be without, regardless of whether one deifies Harb or Kruckenhausen.
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The Athletic Skier, The Skier's Edge and Breakthrough on Skis.
When Lito's book came out ('86) I was fed up with instruction that included arcs drawn with ski poles, standing around and phrases that have no meaning outside of ski instruction (read "stem christies"). His book was a route through the priestspeak. Though he did use "stem christy", Damnit.
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Since you are just getting into the sport, I agree with Alaska Mike, and do recommend Lito's new book "Breakthrough on the New Skis."

Of course your are using the shaped skis, and right now you are probably looking for a book that is going to have the most immediate and direct effect on your skiing.

I think for you at this time for your level of skiing, Lito's book which is very reader and skier friendly, is the book for you. In fact it is less than $18.00 including S&H from amazon.com which is easily accessed from this website by going to the home page, scroll down the left side, click on "skishop" and scroll down to amazon.com.

BTW, the other books recommended are fine and as you become more ingrained in the sport, you will want to at least review these other excellent publications to add to your skiing library.

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I highly recommend Mermer Blakeslee's IN THE YIKES! ZONE, hot off the presses, which is subtitled "conversations with fear."

Mermer has done a masterful job illuminating the psychology of the sport (read: FEAR).

As one of my mentors is fond of saying, "With advances in ski technology, pretty soon we'll have skis that are connected by microchip to the brain so we'll only have to think 'Turn!' and they will turn. What will instructors do then? Well, the good ones will know that the FEAR will remain, and they will do a thriving business helping students deal with it."

Are we there yet?
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