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Phil Mahre tears ACL (?)

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While speaking with a mutual friend today on the hill, I was told that Phil completely severed his ACL last week. Details were sketchy.

I have tried to find some info regarding this, but have come up empty handed.

Anybody else heard anything about this?

No doubt that if this is true, we'll be seeing him here in Vail at the Steadman/ Hawkins Clinic soon!

And also if true, Get Well Soon, Phil!
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He could also have the repair done at TOSH in Salt Lake City - closer to his second home base of Park City, and with a similarly stellar recovery rate as SHC.
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During the Celebrity Races here at Vail, I ran into Phil out on the hill on Friday, skiing with a group of Celeb Wannabe's. I asked him about his knee, and he confirmed he had blown the ACL a while back. 

But with a brace, he was able to meet his contractual obligations for these meet and greet type events, and do some skiing. He was still making some darned fine turns!


He told me that he was scheduled to go in to Steadman on Monday (today) for reconstruction. Then he gets to begin the all too familiar process of rehabbing it.


He was noncommittal about whether he would again attempt his goal of making hte US Nationals. BTW, he had been offered a special slot to last year's US Nats, but turned it down, saying he wanted to earn it!


So... Good Luck with the surgery, and get strong !

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Wow, I met him at a charity event 3 weeks ago.  He was skiing pretty damn well for having a blown knee, I had no idea.


Good luck Phil, hope everthing goes well!

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