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What Cloudveil Jacket ?

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I really like the Cloudveil products and plan on buying a new jacket. All my skiing is done in the North east. What would be the best jacket for me.


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I have a RPK I only wear it when it's warm out. I wear my new Marker insulated jacket from Marshalls $170.00 when it's cold or most day's at Okemo. If it's really cold, I wear my old yellow and black The North Face 3 layer Gore-Tex shell, warmest coat I own.

I wear a 200wt fleece under the jackets. Then adjust the next two layers depending on temp, light/mid/microfleece/100wt zip turtleneck and a light wt or mid wt base layer.

I buy most or all my layers from www.sierratradingpost.com
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RPK and a thin base layer. Add several different weight mid layers and you should be covered for anything the East Coast can through at you.
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I really like my Zero-G jacket and ski pants. On really cold days I use expedition weight base layers and if it's windy or wet a heavy Orage shell with a hood and built in balaclava.
A bit of trivia. I bought the jacket for less than half price at the end of last season. The paper tags said ladies large but the sewen in label said men's medium. It was in the ladies section that I mistakenly wandered into. I tried it on. It was clearly a men's model and it fit perfectly. I told the clerk about the mismarking and he shrugged and went back to counting inventory. I find a lot of the closeout stuff is on sale simply because of similar mismarkings.
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I've had the RPK, Spacewalk, Zero-G, and Enclosure. The Spacewalk was probably the best for most conditions, but the RPK was the nicest. When it's REALLLLLLY cold though, the lined jackets sure are nice.

I'm using Ground and Mammut now.
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I love my Zero-G. It's a great jacket -- runs a size large though.
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Be aware that the rpk has a lower collar then most shells and the hood is a bit unwieldy. It is very comfortable
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RPK for sure, It's a really nice softie that gets softer as you use it. With the gore-tex, it's a good all arounder. I wear two thin base layers and a patagonia velocity shell for temps down to 10 or so. Very durable too. nice retractable pass holder on the sleeve and two good sized pockets on the inside. One is a pouch, big enough for extra gloves goggles, the other is a zippered one setup for an I-pod.

I am looking to get a hoback jacket when on sale.
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Cloudveil Jackets

I have a RPK that I only use on really cold days and a Koven that is much more a moderate temp Jkt.

The RPK's fabric seems to be thick, bulky, beefy, gore-tex vs the Koven's thinner, more supple hand.

I have seen new RPK's at Eastern Mtn and the fabric now seem to be a much thinner gauge. It looks and feels more flexible and supple than mine. Possibly less restrictive as well.

In general ,all Cloudveil stuff seems to be different/flimsyer than the product of 2 years ago.

The exception is the "Run Don't Walk" base layer stuff; it seems to be the same quality even now.

I have a Zero - G, that I use for street wear. I really don't go for insulated jackets skiing. Even here in NH and VT regulation of body temp is easier with a shell and sub layer (s).
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I wear a Cloudveil Zero-G, and love it. I have yet to be cold in the jacket wearing only a baselayer (UnderArmour ColdGear) underneath it, even while skiing in Vermont over New Year's (base temps 0-5 deg, with wind). Like others have said (here and elsewhere), it's also pretty snappy looking, and I wear it as my go-everywhere jacket (except for more formal occasions...)

My girlfriend's getting a new jacket after this season, and I think we'll look very closely at getting her a Cloudveil shell, since she tends to be more temperature-sensitive than I, and will need to have some flexibility with her temperature adjustments.

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