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Avalanche Training DVD??

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A couple months ago I came across several discussions about a DVD that some young guys in Canada made. I think the story was they had some friends who lost their lives in an avalanche. They decided to make a video that was by and for the younger kids venturing out into the BC. Apparently the result was a pretty good video.

For the life of me I cannot find that DVD and where to order it. Does anyone remember any discussions about this DVD? Yes I have tried searching here, the dreaded TGR and Google. Thanks!!
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Try Backcountry mag the website. I think your talking about a "The Fine Line" 16mm Avalanche Education Film by Rocky Mountain Sherpas www.rockymountainsherpas.com is the direct contact.

Film gets into route, conditions, beacon use. But it's just an overview. Gets you thinking though. Remember beacons are for pulling out bodies sadly most of the time and it all boils down to group dynamics and knowing when to say “no go”.

Hope this helps.
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Don't know if perhaps you are thinking of this:


It's not a DVD, not an avy training film and not about Canada -- but it is a film made in the aftermath of a trip that went badly wrong to warn other young guys that they're not immortal.
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Hey, thanks.....exactly what I was looking for. New to the backcountry........at least on skis. Got a couple of young gunslingers that are chomping to go out as well and I want to try to.......not temper their enthusiasm but.....let them know that caution is OK. I have set up a Level 1 Av course and have nearly forced them to go.

I will make them watch both!!

Thanks again!!!
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More strength to your arm!

Another site you may be interested in is this: http://www.henrysavalanchetalk.com/index.html

The site is European-oriented, but there are a couple of good videos (on the front page and under Free Information).
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