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Alta 1/26, Deer Valley 1/25

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Rains' gone. Instead a thick layer off goo was deposited all over the Wasatch to provide a nice base for a couple feet of powder. Yesterday was ski with the kids at Deer Valley...
Today was Alta. A good two feet of fresh, but who's counting? Some places were deeper. Last Picture was taken on the fly on the Ballroom traverse . Due to a temporary stoppage of the Collins lift, there were no people or tracks. This lasted for a surprising number of laps...

P.S. it was very cold, single didgets were forecast, that's how it felt. Light dry pow today. For that matter, yesterday at DV it was much the same, not as cold, but lots of good snow on top of a little scratchy stuff, but you only hit that at the very bottom of the hill.
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Here's the Deer Valley Report: Lunch for two; $23.80. French toast Sandwich from home and beer, whatever a beer costs. Kid on her first "double black" bowl, priceless...
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great pics!!!
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Droooool !

I am psyched! Will be there in two weeks with the kids and wife and I can barely sleep at night thinking about it. Wife has been taking private lessons recently to take her skiing up a notch. She knows she has to be able to keep up with the two girls who will be blasting down those runs.
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My wife and I are headed to Alta on Friday for a week to visit my daughter, who works there. The GFS weather model suggests that it will be dry, but with the recent new snow, it should still be great. Can't wait...
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Stan, it was dry for over a week before I was there last week, and I still had excellent skiing. It will be even better for you. If you happen to hit bluebird weather like I did, even better!

Where does your daughter work? I rode the shuttle back to SLC with a couple who were visiting their two daughters who worked at the GMD. We all agreed that was a pretty sweet gig.
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