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First Race

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Well my first race is tomarrow, but the local hill just has enough snow. I am not sure what skis to bring. The course is GS, but I don't know if I should bring my 150cm Rossi 9S WC or my new 167cm 9X Oversizes. I have only skied the 9X, one and it look me a while to get used to them. For the race, I will not beable to take to many practice runs and I don't want to distroy the 9X's. Mabe I will bring both, but it is heavy

what are you opinions?
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aren't they both slalom skis?

if they are, i would suggest the one you are used to [img]smile.gif[/img] not a good idea to ski new skis while competing imho

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Well i might bring both. The slaloms are just to slow
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Sure your slaloms will be too slow, but you don't have to win your first race! All you have to do is get down the hill in one piece, so you can get out there your 2nd race, feel comfortable, and kick but.

probably one of the most helpful pieces of advice I ever got for racing was to "never try anything new in a race" no new boots, no new skis, no different technique, no different goggles, no different ANYTHING, except what you used during training, because what you used in training is what you learned on. IF you change what you learned on it could throw you off. Save the rossi's till next race if you are not comfortable on them yet.

Just get out there, don't worry about how you will do, don't worry about anything, and you will be fine. All you gotta do is ski, and I'm sure you already know how to do that well.

The most important thing is to just have fun your first couple of races and to get used to what it's like. You will be so unbelievably stoked and excited and hyper when you cross that finish line that you will want to get out there and do it again!

(btw, make sure to make a pitstop in the bathroom before you head out. I always seem to have to pee really badly when I'm in the starting gate : )

Good Luck

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PMZ - good call bout the bathroom run... GS suits are so difficult to deal with once you have suited up and are on the hill.

Anyhow, as for the skis, go with what you are comfortable with. What ski did you use last in training? If you have only trained one day this season, and it was on the 9X, then by all means use the 9X. If you have trained more than once and just used the 9X one time, use the 9S, which you are most likely more used to. There is no doubt in my mind that the 9X will be faster, but if you are not used to piloting it through a course, you are not going to get anywhere on it. You are going to want to take the ski that you are used to working with in the course, not one that you could end up fighting with. If you feel that you are comfortable enough on the 9X to race it already, then go for it, but if not, take the skis you know, and ski them how you know hwo to ski them. get your first finish under your belt and then start in on training yourself on the new GS skis.


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