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Video Review: Claim

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Matchstick Production's new flick. They bill it as "The best ski movie [slash]of the year[/slash]...EVER!!! and I will say it is at least one of the best ski flicks I have seen. The progression from character to character combined with the music is awesome, McConkey and Colby West's segments were my favorites. This is a must for any ski porn collection.
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Definitely a fun movie. One of the few this season that we've watched more than once. Agree on the McConkey segment being pretty cool and damn funny.

However, the unanimous view in the household is that The Massive kills it & is hands down the best film this year (lost count of how many times it has been played...). Great skiing, ridiculous video and editing quality. Then come Claim & Hunting Yeti. Then it is a big gap to the rest of the pack IMO.
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I think Claim wins the year. Better soundtrack and can't beat the cinematography.

I still say 7 Sunny Days is the best movie ever. It would be the best movie ever just for the Whistler Jump segment.
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I liked Claim, but Push is still my favorite.
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you couldn't have posted this before our road trip?

What I need for the travel is good ski porn!!! :
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All chocked full o' stoke, but none comes close to Sage skiing the "Hotel Room" in AK, at the start of TGR's Under the Influence. Definitely the most insane line I have seen.
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"Claim" rocks, nad Sage KILLS IT in "UTI", but EJ Poplawski's segment in Powderwhore's "The Pact" is the seg of the year!!
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