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My daughter has a pair of K2 Mambas with Rossi PX12 bindings. When ironing wax into the ski there is an area under the binding that the wax does not hit. It appears there are depressions that mirror the front and back bindings. I don't have a truebar but I'd say they are about 1/2 mm in depth.

These skis are her main training and competition mogul skis and I wonder if the pounding the ski and bindings take is causing this. Other potential causes I have thought about are that the binding screws were torqued too tight (not even sure if this is possible). Or possibly I overheated the bases when waxing and the bindings acted like a heat sink.

Whatever the reason it does not seem to be giving her any problems, I'm just curious if anyone has seen a similar instance and what the cause might be. Thanks.