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Mount Bohemia 1/24-1/25

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Since we have a season pass to the Porkies and Bohemia we decieded to got to Bohemia for the 2nd time. Was watching forcast all week and they had a ton of new snow. Left Chicago area at 3:30 pm after daughters got out of classes (one in high school one in college) drove to houghton 410 miles about 7 1/2 hours stayed at the super 8. About 45 minutes from Bohemia. Bohemia opens at 9:30 am and as usual when we ski we get there before it opens. Forcast of 2 degrees and wind chills of -20 to -30 does not matter. We gear up and go to the lift. At this point I knew it was going to be great when the Lift operator saye " Are you ready for an Epic Day?" Our first run was on a warm up copper pluge. which was vritually untouched We then proceeded to the bear den runns for some jumps. The morming was cold but not windy (just at the top) by the afternoon the we went through the trees in haunted valley and some great runns through the Extreme Back country. The 2nd day was much of the same. It snowed the entire day but we had to leave by 3:00pm In order to get back to reality. Attached are a few photos It was too chilly to take a lot of photos and the camera kept freezing

youngest crash or Exhaustion

Oldest iin Extreme Back Country

Lots of snow

youngest on the move

Bohemia day 2 at the Lodge

30 mph wind and 2 degrees Lake Superior is always beautiful
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Sweet TR! Love Mount Bohemia TRs! If I ever head to Michigan and within a 4 hour range of Bohemia, I know where I'm going.
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That's some trip. Hats off to the kids. More pics of gnarley Bohemia!
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Sweet. They have a lot more snow than they had at New YearsThumbs up
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Wow, that makes me want to go there!
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