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Went to Summit County this morning for a Marker "pro rep" meeting. Stopped at Loveland and had a cup of coffee and watched the masses enjoying themselves. Made me itch to ski. Loaded up on Marker product and stopped by to visit with Bob Barnes.

None of us realize how much work is going into planning "the Camp". We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who are working hard on the project. It is not a small task and is not a part time endeavor. I'm telling all. It is going to be a phenominal experience.

Bob humored my interest in minutia and discussed abduction, adduction, plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, inversion, and......whew.....eversion.

Who else other than Bob would take of his socks and spend a considerable amount of time musing about such matters?

Bob......you're a kind sole (pun intended) to take on the camp and a good guy to "talk feet"!

It was cold and windy in the mountains. Winter is clearly just around the corner.
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Now that Bob has worked so hard on this, let's all get the word out so we get enough participants. There's a real chance of huge growth in people's skiing and a big fun time.

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Weems- I can't describe how impressed I am with the material that Bob has prepared. It seems silly to think that each of us can't sell four or five slots.

I was mildly excited prior to seeing the stuff. Now I'm really excited.
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"Bob humored my interest in minutia and discussed abduction, adduction, plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, inversion, and......whew.....eversion"

WOW!!! One of the things I'm working on for the Academy is postural assesments based on these concepts. It is very rare that you will have the opportunity to get a postural profile from a fitness pro and have both ski instructors and boot fitters talk about how this affects your skiing! This will be GREAT!!!!
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I think the Academy will be an excellent way for people to tee-up for the Gathering--by Friday they'll be the locals showing the newbies the ropes. And unlike the newbies, they won't be nervous about how they stack up against their peers, because they'll have had four days of phenomenal progress and will be too into the zone to wonder "How'm I doing?" Looking good. Feeling good. Oyez.

Anyway, I'm counting on the Academy to get me ready for the Gathering. I don't know if I could just drop into the Gathering without the warmup. I'm kind of introverted (okay, I'm off the scale), and my idea of hell is entering a roomful of strangers by myself. So, I thank Bob and Tom for organizing the Academy so people like me can have an icebreaker. I am planning to stay for at least one day of the Gathering, and I'm thinking of extending my room rez another night.

The whole week is going to be EPIC and I can't wait.
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Introverted, Nolo? [img]smile.gif[/img] Good point, though. Last year at Fernie I refused to ski with the group because of my relatively gaper like skiing, which in turn was componded by the fact that I had zero experience with powder. This year, maybe.....
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What really floored me is the work that Bob has done in terms of preparing material for the instructors. The students are going to be well taught thanks to Bob's hard work.

He and I are headed to Loveland for our opening day this afternoon. It's only one run, however, it will be fun to be back on skis.
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Lucky things! I'm so jealous.
Was there ever any update as to whether PSIA would recognise this thing for training purposes?
I'm hatching a VERY vague plot to maybe holiday in Canada sometime to get some skiing (US exchange rate with Oz dollar is horrific so not going to the US) this season, with an even vaguer idea to make a US side trip to attend some PSIA training IF I can claim it as a tax deduction. Attending this Utah thing would be brilliant.
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If we want PSIA to give continuing ed credits, we must appeal to the divisional education officers, not the national organization. Usually the individual desiring credit applies to their home division. If it is a legitimate clinic conducted by qualified individuals, it's pretty hard to deny the request.

If you have difficulty with your division, I'm sure we have some high muckety-mucks associated with the Academy who can appeal your case with a satisfactory result.
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I'm a little confused. Does an individual apply on there own behalf or try to get credit for the entire group?
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That's encouraging Nolo! I'm in Rocky Mtn currently. This is only a very vague idea right now, but still an idea. I won't be instructing this season, but it'd be nice to do this.
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You folks from Rocky Mountain should write/call Dogger and ask how to apply for education credit for extra-divisional education. NRM has a form that people fill out. The Alpine Committee decides what qualifies and what doesn't. I would think this would qualify without question. Refer Dogger to Bob Barnes as director of the academy.

I suppose all divisions have a similar process. It's not a big deal.
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Rusty, in our division, each individual makes application for credit.
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