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Coupon Book Question

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Are there any blackout dates for discount lift ticket coupons in the EDUPROJECT coupon book.....
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Which resort, area?
I have a Denver book & would be more then happy to look for you!
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OOPS! Looking for Copper coupons.
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The 2 for 1 coupons vaild Sundays-Fridays until closing.
$43 All day adult from 4-13-09-closing.
$55 All day Adult vald everyday till closing.
Think the Phillips 66 gas deal , buy 10 gal. of gas & get a buy one get one free coupon is good everyday.
When will you be heading up?
Should be filling the tank this weekend & could get you one.
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Thanks for the info and the offer. Have no definite plans yet. Probably last week of March. I think I can purchase the coupon book online and get all i need. Don't mind helping out the schools either. THANKS!
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