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Give it up for Lance

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4 stage victories. The two toughest mountain stages and the 2 individual time trials. In the last time trial, he averaged 30.8 mph over 38 miles!

If he wins it next year (and he'll be the favorite) he'll eclipse Lemond as the greatest American cyclist.

He's a hero.

Anyone here ever been to L'Alp d'Huez? Is it as steep as it looks on tv?
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The scary part is, if Lance hadn't been a cancer survivor, the media may not have noticed. The "side story" always makes for greater theatre, such as the Dan Jansen story and others. The media refuses to see athletic performance on it's own merits, because the couch potatos cannot relate to it. Only a small portion of society sees pure sport as compelling in and of itself. Lance makes it easy because it is easy to like him (wasn't always that way), and has a great "story".
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uniting all americans, even you two!

I think you hit the nail on the head Bob about coverage. Nascar, football, wrestling (the BS pro kind) do not inspire people to turn the tv off & DO something. Advertisers pay tv networks big$$$ to keep our ever expanding derriers in front of their pitch. Covering cycling, skiing, etc does the opposite, as you proved. Suprising there is so much televised golf. I guess you have to plan that, not just get motivated by seeing it on the telly. It was amazing how many road bikers we saw yesterday on the way to our hike. I think Mr. Armstrong IS having an impact.
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