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Loose Heels

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I just bought the Nordica Speedmachine 14's and they are a great snug fit on my wide forefoot and high instep.

The only issue is that I have very narrow heels and ankles and have some slop in the back of the boot. My heels do not come up when I flex forward but they do move around and do not feel snug. Should I pad my heel inside the liner or my sock to snug things up or pad the shell? Is there a specific pad or shim used to do this? Can I get something from a local specialty shoe store...No bootfitters in Austin TX...at least none that i am aware of. I can always wait until next week when I hit the mountain, but wanted to resolve it here as I break the boots in walking around the house.
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sounds liek it could be the wrong boot, best fit is to have a snug heel and ankle area and make the forefoot wider if required, failing that then either dense foam or leather bonded in strategic places to the outside of the liner can help to reduce volume around the heel, as there is no fitter at your location i would wait til you get to the skiing then find the best fitter you can to look at them..... please do not be suprised if they say the boot is too big, speed machines have to ahve a pretty good shell check to not feel loose in the heel

good luck in getting it sorted
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