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Salomon Scream10 Xhot LAB, what ski is this?

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Hi, I bought a pair of skis mentioned in header. What ski it is? A friend said that it was made only for Salomon team riders. It has some differences compared to ordinary Scream10; lenght 191cm, dimensions (114-82-102) and three holes for pilot axle.

Pictures of skis you'll find there


I mounted bindings as much forward as possible, it is now nearly 5 cm forward from the sign in a ski. It is ok when on pow, you can ride in a back seat, sort of, but it is difficult on hard surface if one can't make turns always on edge but have to slide the ski-tail instead. I am just 170cm tall so it is pretty long for me, especially in these little ski resorts we have here in Finland. Should be better when theres's lots of room to ride with high speed.
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Hi Ranger, tried to view it, but the page you are pointing to is asking for a login!
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It's from 2004/05. The Xtra Hot versions came out a few years after the original Screams.
191cm is a long ski, and that will be a stiff version. If you are heavy it will be easier to ski, otherwise I think you would be better to get something shorter.
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Well, I am not exactly heavy, 'bout 70 kilograms. Got to go to gym. Yea, it is stiff. Because if it's stiffness and it's lenght, I moved bindings as much forward as possible. Do you know is it some kind of limited edition ski like a friend told me?
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The LAB mark is what makes them a bit special, but not quite as special as your friend may have suggested. I'm not sure about now, but back when your skis were in production there were two LAB marks.
One was the red salomon lab sticker with a hand written serial number. Those are the real "race stock" skis that would have been used by Salomon team riders. The other type was the silver foil LAB sticker that indicates the ski was made with "race stock" materials, but was in general mass produced.
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I think this pair belongs to the latter group. A friend that I bought these skis from, got his gears from Salomon's finnish importer back then. He had some connections to manufacturer's team but I never saw that red sticker in this pair.
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I'm 180# (82 kg.) and had that ski in a 175cm. I also have skied it in a 185cm. At 185cm, the ski was very unwieldy in moguls and tight spots. At 175cm it was a fun all-around ski including in moguls. It wasn't a very good on ice or wide enough for deep powder but it would hold its own in a few inches of powder and was very good in crud, something Salomons have been notoriously bad in. The ski had no upper-end speed limit I could find even at 175cm. While I enjoyed this ski I dumped them quickly because there were so many other skis in the 80-90mm waist range that could outperform them in all snow conditions.
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This ski was targeted as an upper-end 50/50 all-mountain ski. 192cm was not an advertised length. Usually when Salomon makes longer versions with limited release they tend to make them beefier than the other lengths. My guess is that this ski will be great for doing super-G turns and you'll have a hell of a time trying to do short turns on it.
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I also have a pair of 175cm Xhots with the pilot binding system.

A local shop have a pair of 180cm Salomons with the same
dims are the Xhots but they were flat ( no pilot binding )

Does anyone know if this is the same ski with the same
performance and flex?

Thx, Tom
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